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Resume Writing Thoughts and Strategies

Hi! I'm Jodie and my goal is to get you hired. My career readiness programs will equip you with tools to write an attention grabbing resume, strategies to interview comfortably and confidently, and skills to lead yourself with excellence.


All Things Career Fair Cont'd

Hello again-#Careerfairs are still on my mind and probably will be for a while longer. So, hang on....

This time I wanted to dive into #resume chat. It’s simple-you will need one and it’s time to quit procrastinating. Uh oh...I hear some sighs. Hang in there...together we have got this.

Many have shared with me that #resumewriting is overwhelming. This feeling makes perfect sense as there are so many details to be factored into #resumewriting. Some of the question’s students have asked are

1. What should be included?

2. How long should it be?

3. How should #experiences and #skills be written to grab the attention of an #applicanttrackingsystem or #recruiter?

4. What is an applicant tracking system?

5. How should it be formatted?

The list goes on. Guess what? It’s my job to be a #resumewriter also known as #resume subject matter expert so you can do your job of being a #student. All too often students don't realize the impact their skills and experiences may have on potential #opportunities. Part of my #resumewritingstrategy includes an in-depth assessment of your skills and experiences and aligning them with key job/internship posting descriptions. My goal is to ensure your #resume showcases your qualified experiences and skills relevant to a job/internship opportunity.

Your #resume is your story and EVERYONE has a great story. So, let's write yours.

As always, I am an email away. Feel free to reach out with questions.

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