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Keep the Job Search Simple

Yes, the words "simple" and "job search" can go together. Here are a few #jobsearchstrategies to keep it #simple:


  1. Establish your goal-are there #employers or #organizations that you have your eye on?

  2. Grow your #network and connect with someone who works for them. #engage in dialog with that person. Schedule an #informationalinterview to learn about their role, their own career path, and insights about the organization and industry. This facilitates dialog for them to learn about you and be a potential referral. Did you know most employers will grant interviews to applicants referred by an employee? Therefore, #networking does make a difference.

  3. Find a job posting site like #Indeed or #glassdoor that lists their #jobopportunities

  4. Set alerts for your chosen job posting site like #indeed or #glassdoor to be notified

  5. Track your #jobapplication progress using my Job Application Tracker designed to meet your needs. Click on the link and I will email you your free Job Application Tracker.



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*Check out my podcast JobShadow on Apple and Spotify to hear conversations with experienced professionals sharing insights about their exciting careers!

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